SF Dream Wedding Giveaway – Announcing The Top Five Finalists!

With four months to enter, approximately 350 couples have been holding onto the hope that their Love Story would be one of only FIVE selected to move onto the next round.  Only those Love Stories compelling enough to make it  to a Top Five Finalists position were chosen.  The San Francisco Dream Wedding Team is proud to announce these outstanding couples!

We heard from hundreds of couples across the nation with tales worthy of a Dream Wedding and so much more! But we were faced with the very difficult task of narrowing down our couples to ONLY FIVE to make it to the FINAL ROUND!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the lucky winners:

1- Karolin (Karol) Shirin and Derrick Jones from Concord, CA.

Karolin selflessly refinanced her home to pay for her sisters’ wedding, who was so ill the doctors did not think she would make it. Derrick teaches seniors in high school. We think Karolin and Derrick are Good Samaritans, out to make the world a better place!  Read their Love Story –  http://www.sfweddinggiveaway.com/karolin-shirin-and-derrick-jones/

2- Vanessa Muza Teskey and Michael Hawkins from Osh Kosh, WI.

Both graduates from the Air Force Academy, Michael just returned from deployment, and Vanessa is fighting stage 3 cancer. From 11,000 miles apart, their love still goes strong. We think they are both Real Heroes!  Read their Love Story – http://www.sfweddinggiveaway.com/vanessa-muza-teskey-andmike-hawkins-204/

3- Patrick Dizon and Dea Torres from Sunnyvale, CA.

When doctors told Dea her baby would not survive in this world due to complications, the couple made an amazing decision. Knowing their child would be born with many uncertain health issues, Patrick and Dea embraced the challenge, and welcomed baby Mathias into the world. We think they are an incredible family!  Read their Love Story – http://www.sfweddinggiveaway.com/dea-torres-and-patrick-dizon-54/

4- Rehanna Hanif and Christian Steller from Fremont, CA.

Rehanna lost both her parents when she was younger, and Christian is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. This couple dated 13 years ago, went separate ways, and then were reunited once again. As they weather the storms of life, we think this couple is destined to be together. Read their Love Story – http://www.sfweddinggiveaway.com/rehanna-hanif-and-christian-steller-123/

5- Mia Calamia and Daniel Brown from New Orleans, LA.

Mia and Dan had only recently started dating when Hurricane Katrina ravaged their home town, and exchanged their first I Love You’s during this time. The storm passed but they stayed together, and decided to return to New Orleans actively participating in its re-vitalization. We think Mia and Dan are Survivors!  Read their Love Story – http://www.sfweddinggiveaway.com/mia-calamia-and-dan-brown-91/

CONGRATULATIONS to the TOP FIVE FINALISTS!  You are all remarkable people, whose stories have touched the hearts of the Dream Team!  Good luck to you all, as you begin the next stage of this journey, making your way to the altar!  Read more about the San Francisco Wedding Giveaway at http://www.sfweddinggiveaway.com/


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