New Year…New Logo…New Website Template

Happy New Year!

A new decade…twenty ten…life is going by way too fast!

When I saw the Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve, I thought…”I need a change.  This year is going to be different – I just need to make it happen!”

So…I immediately got started ‘mucking’ with Photoshop (I know enough to get myself in trouble) and came up with a new logo – the swirls on the side…in shades of nature.  After many hours, I was finally satisfied with the look and the colors.  But wait…it needed something more…the swirls inside the letter ‘o’.  They remind me of ocean waves.

I then got to work on the new template for my website, designing a new HOME page with great photos…and of course, using the new logo.  What do you think?

Thanks to the following photographers:
Jade Studio Productions
Karen Tamaki
Jennifer Skog
Alfred Salom

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