Top Your Cake With Crystals

A beautiful cake topper on your wedding cake is breathtaking when your guests see it sparkling in the sun or under the lights!  One World Designs offers custom FULLY covered Swarovski crystal cake toppers in a variety of colors, fonts and sizes.  Available in brushed aluminum, they are very lightweight and make an everlasting keepsake for years to come.  The images below were taken by photographer … and videographer… Daniel Nguyen of A Delightful Concept,  at Katelyn and Vince’s June wedding.  Visit Daniel’s blog to see an awesome video of Katelyn and Vince’s wedding and reception…you can FEEL the love!!  Yes, I got tears in my eyes 🙂    To order your cake toppers, visit my web site for information and pricing OR visit my shop to see my fully covered Swarovski crystal cake topper display…enjoy!

Cake Toppers by One World Designs - photo by A Delightful Concept

Katelyn and Vince's Wedding Cake - photo by A Delightful Concept

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