My Birthday Project – 53 Random Acts of Bonnie

Once again I was on Pinterest…happily pinning last night, and came across a pin that lead me to Robyn Bomar’s blog How I Celebrated My Birthday (aka 38 Random Acts of Robyn) – her birthday wish was to complete one Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) for every year of her life thus far.  Because of the tremoundous response she received from her RAOK, Robyn started TheBirthdayProject – Changing the World One Birthday at a Time.   All the world needs is LOVE…and random acts of kindness…everyday.

I was sooooo inspired by this, that I have started My Birthday Project (aka 53 Random Acts of Bonnie)!  The only thing is there is no way I can complete all of my RAOK in ONE DAY…so, I  figure if I started today, and complete 2-3 RAOK per day, I will finish by March 5th.   I hope this will inspire you to begin your Birthday Project!

Here are my first two…

#1.  Left a ‘thank you’ card and Dove chocolates for our mailperson (who is really nice lady)

#2.  Put up a ‘Free Compliments’ poster at the local Starbucks (freebie thanks to

Flowchart to Happiness

Just found this from Suzanne Cabrera’s blog, an open [sketch] book –  get with the flow:  it’s just what I needed to give my day a boost and headed in the right direction.  It’s all a state of mind and it starts from within…thanks Suzanne!

Speaking of  ‘starting from within’,  my friend (and amazing event planner) Crystal LeQuang of Amazae Special Events, was invited to see the Dalai Lama yesterday in a small auditorium – what an experience!  His message:  for a peaceful, compassionate future,  it starts from within.